Loans for foreigners in the Czech Republic

We are often asked about where a foreigner can borrow money in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately most of the banking and non-banking institutions do not provide loans for foreigners and therefore many foreigners face problems with where to get money quickly before they receive their salary or how to obtain credit for home reconstruction or where to get a loan to buy a new car. UNFORTUNATELY FOR OBTAINING LOANS YOU MUST HAVE CZECH CITIZENSHIP AND IT IS ALMOST NOT POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN LOAN WITHOUT IT. WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE YOU ANY ASSISTANCE.

How does the application for the loan for foreigners work on the internet?

What requirements should a foreigner meet to get loan in the Czech Republic?

For obtaining a loan you must meet multiple requirements. Generally said the more documents you provide the better loan you might obtain. The basic requirement is that foreigners applying for a loan must have permanent residence or temporary residence in the territory of the Czech Republic. If you only have long term residence your situation is much more complicated and the chances to get a loan depends on the financial institution.

Loan for foreigner with permanent residence in the Czech Republic

If you are a foreigner with permanent residence, you have better chances of getting the loan compared to applicants with temporary or long term stay. Financial institutions can offer you both payday loans before your salary or credit for much higher amounts of money. Payday loans (up to 30 000 CZK) can be obtained almost immediately without much verifying of your monthly incomes and your credibility. You can also apply for an amount from 30 000 CZK to 100 000 CZK, but in this case you will have to present documentation related to your incomes and other information. There is also a possibility to get over 100 000 CZK, but in this situation you will need to have guarantee, that you will be able to pay it back. Loans for foreigners with permanent residence are usually quickly processed, regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor or you work as an employee.

Loan for foreigners with temporary residence in the Czech Republic

Loans for foreigners with temporary residence in the Czech Republic are much harder to get compared to those for foreigners with permanent residence. If you go through most of the online loan application. You may find that almost all institutions require Czech citizenship, or at least permanent residence. Who will lend you the money you need? In the Czech Republic there are a few specialized financial institutions which are reliable and will lend money to foreigners. You just need to fill in our application form and our specialist will contact you with the best loan offer. If you are a foreigner with temporary residence and you need a payday loan (up to 30 000 CZK) it can be obtained regardless of your work type (sole proprietor or employee). If you ask for a sum higher than 30 000 CZK, you will have to show documentation regarding your income and your stay in the Czech Republic. Loans for foreigners with temporary residence are usually approved without much difficulties.

Loans for foreigners with long term stay in the Czech Republic

If you are foreigner with a long term stay in the territory of the Czech Republic, there is unfortunately no banking or non-banking institution which would lend you the money under official conditions or official contract, since the majority of institutions require Czech citizenship, permanent or at least temporary residence. These requirements are the main obstacles for you to get the loan for foreigners, except for payday loans (up to 30 000 CZK) which are possible to get if you are a holder of the employees card or blue card and have a contract at a well-known company.

Loans for foreigners with short term stay in the Czech Republic

Loan for foreigners with a short term stay is unfortunately not possible, since there is no institution in the Czech Republic which would provide such loans. The reason for that is that a short term visa is valid for only 3 months and therefore there are complications with debt recovery.

Loans in the Czech Republic for foreigners from EU

Loans for foreigners from the European Union are as accessible as for foreigners from countries outside. For financial institution providing loans it is crucial you have either a permanent or temporary residence. If you are staying in the Czech Republic without a visa, but just on the basis of your EU permission, you do not have any option of how to obtain a loan, until you get temporary residence.

What are the conditions for approval?

Conditions are the same as for Czech citizens. There are some factors such as credibility which are looked upon more strictly by the financial institutions. Also, it is certainly simpler to get a loan with permanent residence than with a temporary stay. The whole official interview for loan application does not take more than an hour and you have to always provide documents such as: permission of stay, income confirmation or document proving your ownership of the real estate which would cover your loan. Of course you can also have a person as a guarantor. A loan for foreigners can normally be obtained in two working days.

What our clients say?

Frequently asked questions

How does the processing of the application for the loan work?

Firstly fill out the contact form “loans for foreigners in the Czech Republic”. Then we will process your details and you will be contacted with our loan specialist for foreigners. We will find for you the best offer and give you contact on a loan company which provides you a loan. You will arrange the meeting with them personally and provide all documents needed. The chosen loan company will check your credibility in 24 hours and then you will be contacted to sign the loan contract. Money will be sent directly in your banking account after 24 hours..

Which documents do I need for the arrangement?

For the arrangement you will need your passport, documents related to your visa or permission to stay in the Czech Republic and, in cases of larger amounts, a bank statement.

How old do I have to be to receive a loan?

You have to be at least 18 years old.

Which type of visa or stay do I need to have for obtaining a loan?

You have to have either permanent residence or temporary stay.

When do I receive the money?

If you asked for a payday loan up to 30 000,- CZE you can receive all the money within 24 hours in your banking account. If you asked for the loan which is larger than 100 000,- CZE it can take up to 5 days.

Which company lends me the money?

We cooperate with many financial institutions. It depends on the amount of money which you need. If you ask for a mortgage we will arrange a meeting with the bank. If you ask for a payday loan up to 30 000,- CZE we will arrange a meeting with our partnered financial companies, which provide loans for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Useful information

The loans are offered directly by financial institution according to your visa or type of stay in the Czech Republic. Our website only arranges for you the initial contact of the financial institution for free. All contracts and arrangements with the institutions are done personally by you. You sign contracts personally with the loan company.


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Loans for foreigners in the Czech Republic
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