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Purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic
Nowadays, the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic is becoming more and more relevant for foreigners. Not only the number of foreigners who intend to stay here long-term and are therefore looking for suitable housing is growing, but also the number of entrepreneurs who perceive the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic as a suitable and profitable investment.

Advantages of buying real estate in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is the heart of Central Europe and there are at least five reasons why a foreigner should consider buying a property here.

1) Buying real estate in the Czech Republic is relatively undemanding and fast. The transfer of ownership can normally be completed within one to two months, and no special documentation is required from a foreigner.

2) Real estate in the Czech Republic is highly profitable, and when buying an apartment, house or plot of land, you can count on the fact that after a few years the investment will return to you many times over. This is especially true for real estate in the capital city of Prague, where thousands of new houses and apartment units are built every year, with their value increasing every year.

3) The clear advantage of buying real estate in the Czech Republic for foreigners is the current high demand for real estate. The house or apartment of your dreams can easily be bought at an affordable price, while there are so many people interested in real estate in the Czech Republic that the subsequent sale of the property will not take you even a month.

4) It is also worth noting that there is currently an extensive offer of real estate on the Czech market. The offer includes not only new buildings, but also historic buildings, hotels, penthouses, land or apartments in the very center of the city. In the Czech Republic, anyone interested in real estate will find something to suit them and find an ideal property both for housing and for subsequent sale or business.

5) Last but not least, it is also necessary to mention the more than acceptable price of real estate in the Czech Republic. Compared to other European countries and metropolises, housing in the Czech Republic can still be purchased relatively cheaply and without complications.

Frequently asked questions




Frequently Asked Questions

What alien realities can be acquired?

We currently offer purchase mediation of any real estate for foreigners in the Czech Republic. These are apartments, houses, non-residential and commercial premises, hotels, plots of land, for example also about luxury real estate.

Are there special conditions for foreigners to buy real estate in the Czech Republic?

No, every foreigner regardless of his national affiliation or type of residence permit, can easily purchase any real estate in the Czech Republic.

Is there any property tax?

When buying real estate, a so-called tax must be paid of acquisition of immovable property (formerly real estate transfer tax). The tax rate is 4% of the property price, and since 1 November 2016, the acquirer of the ownership right to the immovable property is obliged to pay this tax (buyer).

Can I, as a foreigner, take out a mortgage to buy real estate in the Czech Republic?

A mortgage is certainly a possible solution for foreigners as finance the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic. However, it must be noted that there is a process of acquisition mortgages fully dependent on the type of foreigner’s residence permit, and above all on the amount of his income. It is also necessary count with the fact that relevant documentation will be required for mortgage purposes and it will take some time to cell he will handle the matter.

Can a foreigner buy a property remotely?

The person interested in the selected property may not be present in Czech to the Republic at the time of its sale and transfer of ownership. However, it is necessary to make it in these things was represented by another person based on a power of attorney and had all the necessary documents available from interested party.

How long does it take to buy a property for foreigners?

The very process of transferring ownership to real estate in the real estate cadastre takes approximately a month, in complex cases or at full capacity cadastral office for a maximum of two months.

Can I pay cash for a property?

No, according to Act No. 254/2004 Coll. about limitations payments in cash, it is forbidden to pay an amount greater than CZK 270,000 in cash in one day. Payments above this one amount should therefore only be carried out cashless. The ban also applies to currencies other than CZK.